Guo Lishuang: Resistance and Reinvention: New Conceptions of Russian Civilization in Neo-Eurasianism

Speaker: Guo Lishuang

Professor of the School of Marxism, Fudan University (Shanghai), Doctoral Supervisor, Young Scholar of the “Yangtze River Scholars Award Program” of the Ministry of Education. China

Topic: Resistance and Reinvention: New Conceptions of Russian Civilization in Neo-Eurasianism.

The uncertainty of Russian civilization orientation has been a puzzle for Russia’s identity and national development direction for hundreds of years. As soon as the Soviet Union collapsed, Russia had to once again face this problem and make a new choice. The neo-Eurasianism political philosophy stood out among Russia’s various thoughts. Its strong vitality lies in that it rather reasonably answers the question of uncertainty in Russian civilization orientation from perspectives of civilization theories and geopolitics. Meanwhile, on the basis of profound philosophical construction, it puts forward a new conception of reshaping Russian civilization and the new international political order, resisting the universality theory of Western civilization and the old international political order. To reshape Russian civilization by reconstructing Russian cultural community is constructive for Russia’s own national identity building, nevertheless, once it transcends national boundaries, it is highly likely to cause conflicts between countries or regions.

【Key Words】Neo-Eurasiansim, Russian Civilization Orientation, Russian Cultural Community, Russian Diplomacy