S. Molor-Erdene: Rationality in Eastern and Western Philosophies

Speaker: S. Molor-Erdene

Molor-Erdene Philosophy Academy founder

Topic: Rationality in Eastern and Western Philosophies

Today, Philosophy, as a discipline, faces many challenges posed by the likes of political theory, sociology, and economics, and even psychology in collaboration with neurosciences. In the so-called postmodern era, we as philosophers again have much to do. Big crises call for big philosophies, I would say.

Rationality as a philosophical concept, only in the academic world, has no problem. You prepare lectures and write books for a small circle and if you have some time left and some financial support as an academic philosopher you submit papers to philosophical journals. But as a public philosopher you find yourselves in a complicated situation because of a different audience.

In this abstract, I want to discuss some points as a Mongolian philosopher who lives between the taiga in the north and Gobi desert in the south.