Matveychev Oleg: How Genetics Helps the Philosophy of the Future?

Speaker: Matveychev Oleg, Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, Russia, Candidate of Philosophy, MP (State Duma)

Subject: How Genetics Helps the Philosophy of the Future?

Owing to the latest studies in paleogenetics and genetics, we can now solve the famous Jaspers riddle of the “Axial Age”. The well-known outburst of philosophical and religious doctrines in different parts of Eurasia in the year 1st millennium B.C. can be explained by the Indo-European expansion from Northern Eurasia around the entire perimeter: Into China, India, Iran, the Middle East and Egypt, to the Balkans and to Europe in the 2nd millennium B.C.

We are facing the necessity of a transition from neo-Eurasianism to arch-Eurasianism, to giving up the consideration of different civilisations as indigenous and competing ones and understanding them as having a common source which future philosophy should study.