Vanchugov Vasily: National Concept and its Meaning: Experience of Modern Typology of the “Russian Idea”

Speaker: Vanchugov Vasily, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia, Doctor of Philosophy, Professor of the Department of History of Russian Philosophy, Philosophy Department of the Lomonosov Moscow State University

Topic: National Concept and its Meaning: Experience of Modern Typology of the “Russian Idea”

The “Russian Idea” concept has a long history and many meanings. The functionality and status of this concept varies from a philosopheme to an ideologeme, including such states/modifications/ as theologoumenon, mythologeme, psychologeme, and unites of gnoseologie. Using the accumulated material in a historical and philosophical/intellectual and critical context, one can see the entire spectrum of how the concept is applied, and in fact, manifestations of the states of consciousness of authors creating texts in the “Russian idea” projection: The description of individual and collective cognitive processes; states of the soul/spirit/, hermeneutic techniques in relation to the past; social engineering; utopia/dystopia; a way of self-expression/from creative to psychiatric, and so on.

Identifying the diversity of versions of the “Russian idea” makes it possible not only to categorize the types of consciousness of the intellectual class, but also to archive and activate them. As a result, conditions emerge for understanding the intellectual “genre” of the “Russian Idea”, determining its status in the present (increase/decrease), identifying prospects for methods of intellectual activity that claim the status of philosophical techniques and practices.