Vasicek Wolfgang Vasicek: The Path of Spiritual Renewal: Man, Motherland, and Society in the 21st Century

Speaker: Vasicek Wolfgang Vasicek, Association for Cultural Events and International Dialogue “Consideratio”, Austria. Head of the Association
Topic: The Path of Spiritual Renewal: Man, Motherland, and Society in the 21st Century

Advances in the field of natural science, technology and general welfare don’t leave people indifferent – in two senses of the word: These advances open up a limitless horizon of further possibilities for humanity, on the one hand, while on the other, they increasingly question the spiritual, traditional and moral values – and at the same time the whole structure of society and human relations. The flow of daily noise, advertisements, information and annoyance on the Internet gets on our nerves, leaving us no time for exhaustive processing of information and reflection, affecting on the subconscious, starting with children growing up in these conditions. Those who win are those with a cool headunscrupulous and cynical, who know how to quickly adapt to new circumstances and trade in values, human relations andpropaganda, as required in times of change. Instead of deep and multifaceted contents, some kind of distorted symbolism of the banal display of emoticons, flags, video clips and pictures is being spread in order to light a quick fire of straw, bright, visible to everyone, but quickly extinguished.

To spiritually renew a person, the Motherland and society in the 21st century, one needs to start from scratch. A man of faith will survive, but the image of man still known to us is on the verge of dying. We are talking about a person who is not yet “optimized”, who calmly learns from experience, copes with the world given to us by God, but, of course, which is not the Kingdom of Heaven. We are talking about someone who respects a slower pace of life to immerse himself or herself in the contemplation of the world around us, and to develop intuition. Man, Motherland and society will be renewed not when we, like Faust did, want to conquer everything and create paradise on earth, but when we take care of our intuition, the wealth of our souls. Rainer Maria Rilke understood that Russia is a civilization where the existence of another world is being probed – of the Kingdom of Heaven, of the eternal, spiritual, wise, poetic and artistic world. The path to this world and, subsequently, to the renewal of man, Motherland and society is obvious.